Hello! Note: a + sign after the date in the left menu indicates there is an English version available. I'm Martin Koskinen and I'm writing a blog at this site about my Land Rover - project.
My first - and current - daily runner is a LR S2A 88. STW, dated 1965. The car has been in the family for over 30 years. We went to get it from storage about half a year before I turned 18. So for six months I fiddled around making small adjustments to it. I got my drivers license a week after I turned 18. Oh yes, I'd driven it on a field and on closed areas, but getting up to speed was FUN!

Later on we had to do the brakes, parabolic springs in summer 2004, in autumn 2004 it was the alternator that was replaced. I could write tens of pages what's been done and how it's been, work hours are in the thousands. I planned to work for the spring 2006 to collect money for a frame swap in summer 2006. A rebuild was to be made. Until...
I was scouting for a suitable gearbox for my 88. In autumn 2005, when I went to Riihimäki to check out a collection of LR parts. I got my eyes on a Land Rover F/C - the gearbox would not fit. It was a S2A Forward Control frame with a fire engine body. It had served until late 80's just 30km's from where I live.
Obviously I got interested - I've been active in the voluntary fire department for ten years now. The truck wasn't for sale at the moment. In December 2005 I went to a local off-road-shop to get my engine oil changed, when I ran into the guy who owned the fire engine. He told me it was for sale - and cheap.

We've always of a LR rebuild with my father, on occasions even of a fire engine. When I had the oils changed and left, I phoned my father. We knew it hadn't run in 5-10years, but we checked it out. The water pump (fire pump) and water tank were removed but we found them nearby.
We gave it a few weeks thought, and decided to purchase it. At this moment we had absolutely NO idea what we were getting in to...
7.1.2006, early in the morning, we drove off to Riihimäki to get the car with a few friends. It came home on a lorry of course.
And the rest can be read from the blog.

Although the blog does not tell anyone what kind of truck we're rebuilding it to.
We are not rebuilding it to a "mint and absolutely original condition" that would allow us to museum-register it. The rear axle swap alone forbids it. Going for a normal plate allows us to make modernifications, such as everything fused, decent alternator, parabolic springs, almost everything controlled by relays, work lights etc.
We will make it to a 6-seater (1+5 is the normal fire engine man count). The water tank and pump will be installed once again, and restored to working condition.
We want to be able to drive it into our off-road course's resting point, grab some wood and paper to make up a fire, barbeque our sausages. And afterwards we can extinguish the fire properly!
Before leaving the site we can wash the cars. With an inverter (230V) we can use a pressure washer - 500litres in the tank is sure enough for it! OR we can drive to a river/lake and use the fire hoses to wash the trucks.
It's also supposed to work as a base-station and service truck wherever I take it. If someone calls s/he's been left on the road, this is the truck to tow it away.

It's supposed to be MOT'd and painted June 2006. Still a long way to go...

Any questions?
Email me at shuttle (at-sign) disketti dot net
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